Aromatherapy Essential Oils Bath Essential Oils Massage Oil Perfume

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This premium quality Aromatherapy Essential Oils Bath Essential Oils Massage Oil Perfume is MUST HAVE for your home or office environment.

Benefits Of Aromatherapy Essential Oil:

  1. Air purification, aromatherapy ions are natural air cleaners.
  2. Improve the environment, decomposition of formaldehyde and benzene.
  3. Endocrine management, emotional management, pacify irritability, relieve stress.
  4. Accelerate cell metabolism, increase skin radiance
  5. Help improve respiratory sensitive nose and asthma and other diseases
  6. Get rid of mosquitoes, sterilization, in addition to mites
  7. Decomposition of passive smoking, the eradication of odor
  8. Enhance immunity, disease prevention,
  9. Enhance lung capacity, enhance physical fitness,

Method of use:

  • Humidifiers/Oil Burners:  Oil drops in a cup filled with hot water, seductive scent fills the room immediately, so let the aroma escapes in the room, we called "aromatic steam."
  • Aromatherapy methods: Oil drops on the expansion of incense tool that allows essential oils diffused into each fragrance
  • Corner, to achieve sterilization, air purification effect.
  • Fumigation method: Add in a basin of hot water, drops 2-3 drops of essential oil, let the steam emerging smoked blowing unit, the (first wash, re-use), in order to prevent the steam dispersed, you can use a large towel to cover the entire head, continued for 5-10 minutes, so that the composition of essential oils are absorbed by the skin,
  • Bath method: Essential oil into the low body temperature slightly higher than take a shower water, let the body soak for 5 minutes, this is called aromatherapy bath.
  • Massage: Massage can promote the essential oil in the shortest time by the skin absorption, the skin has a good maintenance, can accelerate blood circulation, to relax muscles, relieve mood effect.
  • Wet wipe method:  Oil wet wipe is a common used method, the cotton gauze placed in the containing essential oils of cold water or warm water soaked, smear on the affected part, can help the oil deep penetration, improve a variety of physical problems.
  • Skin care methods:  in the skin care products, appropriate to join aromatherapy essential oils, can rapidly penetrate the epidermal layer, into the body of the loop, after adding the oil skin care products is more easily absorbed
  • Methods:  car fragrance oil in the car perfume bottle, spontaneous play,
  • Can purify the air, adsorption of second-hand smoke, so that the human body to relieve pressure, refreshing eye-catching, and other functions,     It's very important for the driver's safety.

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